Project About New Media

  • Let me begin by giving you all a general overview about New Media and what it is. New media is a number of  different thing, new media can be the ’emergence of digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies in the later part of the 20th century’ or we can simply refer to it as youtube, skype, msn messenger, blackberry, facebook, twitter ! 🙂
  • I will introduce the project that we had to do. This project was about New Media revolved around us learning how to use youtube, our camera on our phones to interview people and upload them on the computer and then on youtube, by doing this we learnt how to make subtitles and use a number of programs such as Windows Movie Maker to edit our videos and make some annotations. This project focused on how new media affects us in our day to day life.

    The 1st video i did was Sarah, a 13 year old. My observations was that she was well aware of new media by the programs she uses for it and most of their generations will know more and more about this.

    My 2nd video i did was Rayana, a 24 year old. basically i observed how these two had some things in common however the older one was interested to much in facebook and blogging like the 13 year old. she was just interested in MSN messenger.

    My 3rd video was Raed Mohsen talked about new media and how he didnt use so much of it, unlike the other two people i interviewes. The similarities were between the first two interviews and ofcourse with Raed was a similarity about using the internet but not twitter, msn messenger and skype etc.

  • The application that i used was windows movie maker, i used it during the 1st video but then i decided to stick to youtube annotation because they were not saving from movie maker for some reason. the easiest was youtube annotation and the most difficult and time consuming was making the subtitles.
  • I used Captiontube to add subtitiles i would write down everything they said in the video and then time how much it took to take that sentence and then upload the captions. My favorite part of the project was interviewing and seeing peopes reactions however the least was putting the subtitles but it is okay because im proud to say that now i know how to do it!
  • This project has taught me alot and now i can use youtube more and more and am more aware of everything that it encompasses.


    Project 2 Questions…

    For our second #lausocial class, we are going to work on our second project where we will be video interviewing with our phones 3 people for the assigment. I will choose to interview a 14-year-old girl named Sarah, a 24-year-old girl named Rayana and a middle aged man around his mid 30s i suppose called Raed Mohsen. i chose these diffeent age groups to see the gap in knowledge and the way in which each will answer each question.

    The questions will be as follows:

    1) what does new media mean to you? (if you don’t know what it means, it is the emergence of digital, computerized communication technologies in the later part of the 20th century. such as facebook, twitter, youtube , blogs etc.)

    2) do you use any new media such as facebook, twitter, blogs or youtube, or anything else?

    3) how long do you spend on it?

    4) do you think you would be able to live without it? why?

    5) what do you think is the future of new media? do you think they will come up with more and more things or do you think they have reached the maximum?

    Impressions of Arab Popular Culture

    Link to the video that was live from conference room :

    The conference consisted of the following outlines : 

    a)      Popular TV Shows, Nostalgia and Political Correctness

    Abeer Al Najjar. The American University of Sharjah

    B)      Thinly Veiled. Michel Certeau and the Subversive Abaya

                             Michael Long College of the North Atlantic-Qatar and Byrad

    Yyeland. Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar

    I agreed with the fact that some women are still in love with the patriorichal ‘beb el hara’ type of man who is more dominant but i do not agree that all arab women love this type, every arab country differs from one another.

    i had a great time being present in the conference it was a great opportunity to meet many head of universities in the gulf and i think it worked well that in the same week we put out the arab pop culture newspaper of the daily tribune! what i think should have been done differently is the seating arrangement of everyone because it was hard to take pics and videos and some photos were not even allowed to be taken because of the qatari women wearing the abayas was not allowed.

    the user engagement was low because not many questions were asked and if they were asked only the professors had asked them, i think scribble live is an excellent way of showing a live conferenae take place, my teacher watched my live scribbling and he enjoyed it and so did i while writing it  !


    Arab Popular Culture

    3:00     Session 1—Irwin Conference Room

                Moderator: Ralph Berenger 

    a)      Popular TV Shows, Nostalgia and Political Correctness

    Abeer Al Najjar. The American University of Sharjah

    B)      Thinly Veiled. Michel Certeau and the Subversive Abaya

                             Michael Long College of the North Atlantic-Qatar and Byrad

    Yyeland. Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar

    This was the schedule of the conference.

    you can follow up on this event on this website :


    Maya Zankoul’s 2nd Visit ! :)

    Today, Maya Zankoul joined our #lausocial class for another visit! Aren;t we so grateful to have Ayman as our instructor! 🙂 we learned about the copyright called creative commons, which is what i have posted on my blog as  CC form! you can see on the side bar, very neat. Also because of creative commons Maya Zankoul now has arabic comics, italian, french translated from original english! Meen the band,, flickr, and wikepedia are all under creative commons  as well as website with Creative commons which journalists can now use with CC . It’s very interesting and i never knew such a thing existed i thought that only copyright was there. thanks for the japanese dj who invented it, we can now use Creative commons to support our works music comics etc.  If you go to you can get your own CC! try it now!

    The E.R

    Today i woke up in the morning and as i was blowing my nose i started dripping a little bit of i took everything very normally and went got some tissues, some ice and sat on my chair with my head back and put the tissue on my nose pressed on my forehead and put the ice… 1, 1h30 passed by and i was still pouring blood, the tisssues become filled i nearly, my mom had called the doctor, he came quite fast he checked it outt, and said that i need to lay down and keep pressure on it, so i did that after 1 hour, the blood wouldnt stop so my dad’s frend was over and he was actually a doctor so it wouldnt hurt to tell him what he thinks about this he checked it out and told me i may have a weak vein that burst he said it was just like when u cut yourself anywhere else in your body you bleed but this needed more attention, so i ended up going to the emergency room where i had a little suregery done now i have to get some rest for 24 hours hopefully by tomorrow it will ok.


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